The Danger of Not Seeing Your Dentist Twice a Year for Teeth Cleanings and Examination

While you may think that a well-maintained dental hygiene regimen from home is enough to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth in premier shape, it simply is not true. Going in to see your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and examination will help ensure that pesky plaque buildup does not occur, any emerging dental issues are identified, and the health of your entire mouth stays in great shape. Patients in the Paxton, Massachusetts, area see Dr. Scott Siemen and the friendly team at Paxton Dental Care. Dr. Siemen and his team will ensure you walk away with clean teeth and a proper plan to help correct any emerging dental health issues.

While twice yearly examinations are key to preventing dental issues from escalating into more harmful situations, what we are going to look into here is why regular dental cleanings are also very important to your dental health.

Professional Teeth Cleaning in Paxton MA Area

What Happens When Your Teeth Are Cleaned?

When you go in for a teeth cleaning, what occurs goes above and beyond what you can do at home with a toothbrush. Cleanings are typically performed by your dental office’s dental hygienist, and they will start by using a tiny metal tool (called a scaler) to remove any plaque or tartar which has become latched to your teeth and gums. The purpose of this is to completely clean the surface area of all your teeth so that they are completely clean. From there, your dental hygienist will apply a simple polish to your teeth so that they have a smooth finish. Finally, your teeth will be gently flossed so that surfaces that the scaler cannot reach can be cleaned as well.

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Risks of Not Having Your Teeth Cleaned

Even if you feel like you brush, floss, and rinse expertly, it is still very important to see your dentist twice a year for cleanings and examinations. This is a crucial component to long-term dental health. Plaque can still accumulate in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and, if allowed to remain, will transition into tartar. Tarter, unlike plaque, will require professional removal. If tartar is allowed to remain, it will lead to tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and other dental health issues.

Even if you brush, floss, and rinse 3 times a day, every day, it is crucial that you see your dentist twice yearly for a professional cleaning. If you are in Paxton, Massachusetts, please call Dr. Scott Siemen at Paxton Dental Care today to schedule an appointment at (508) 557-2400.

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