Dental bridges replace lost teeth in Paxton, MA

When you are facing the loss of one or more teeth, it can be difficult to navigate through your tooth replacement options and decide which one is the best for you. At Paxton Dental Care in Paxton, MA, Dr. Scott Siemen is here to help patients in the Paxton and Worcester, MA area make this important decision. Among the tooth replacement options,  dental bridges are a common and practical way to replace one or up to several missing teeth in a row.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are just like what they sound like – they “bridge” the gap by filling in the space left by one or multiple missing teeth. Bridges consist of two main parts:

  • False teeth (called pontics) that replace the missing teeth
  • A way to anchor the bridge in place; in most cases, crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth to secure the bridge (such as in a front teeth bridge), but in some cases, a different way of securing the bridge may be an option depending on the number of teeth lost and where they are located

Placing a dental bridge

Getting a dental bridge typically requires at least two visits. In the first visit, Dr. Siemen prepares your mouth for the bridge by shaping the teeth that will have crowns placed, taking impressions so that your bridge can be custom-fabricated, and a temporary bridge is placed so you can wear it until your permanent bridge is ready.

Once your permanent bridge is created, you will come into the office to have it checked and adjusted. Once you and Dr. Siemen are both happy with the way it looks and fits, he will cement it into place. In some cases, it will be temporarily cemented to enable your teeth and gums to adjust to the new bridge, and then it is permanently cemented in after the adjustment period is complete.

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