Dental Tips

Tea for Your Teeth

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Many drink options can contribute to issues with dental health. Whether it’s the acid in fruit juices or the acid and sugar in soft drinks, it’s hard finding drinks that don’t harm teeth or, in fact help them. Tea is one of the best drinks for your teeth, research has found. This is especially true with green tea where antioxidants called catechins improve oral health. A study done in Japan found that almost all participants who drank at least one cup of tea a day showed improvement in gum health and reduced gum bleeding. Keep in mind though that while … Continue reading

Oral Concerns of Older Adults

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As we age, our over all health and needs change, and oral health is no exception. As we get older, it is important to maintain a healthy diet so that our bodies continue to get all the vitamins and minerals needed to support our overall health, and oral health. Older adults, however, face certain challenges as they age which can make it difficult for them to maintain good oral health. It’s common for elderly people to have teeth and mouth issues, which can end up affecting their diets. These issues often lead to the consumption of softer foods, which means that … Continue reading

5 Foods that Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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We all know that brushing daily is a must if we want clean teeth and a healthy mouth. But, have you ever wondered what natural ways you could use to help maintain your oral health? Well, here is a list of foods that help keep your teeth clean and healthy. Apples– Just one bite into an apple, and you are helping to give your teeth a scrub down. The act of biting and chewing on apples helps to scrub your teeth clean, as well as by increasing your saliva. Apples have malic acid, which can be found in some toothpastes … Continue reading

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