Filling cavities with composite resin versus mercury fillings

If you have had cavities filled in the past, your dental provider may have put in mercury filling, sometimes referred to as “silver amalgam fillings.” Over the years, it has been found time and time again through dental studies that these fillings, comprised of approximately 50% mercury, are bad for your smile and your health. Mercury is a toxic substance to the human body, and these fillings can cause the leakage of mercury into the body. Fortunately, Dr. Scott Siemen and his team at Paxton Dental Care in Paxton, Massachusetts, are pleased to offer solutions and have been filling cavities with composite resin as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings. He also can replace mercury fillings with composite resin.

What is composite resin, and why is it commonly used in dentistry?

Composite resin is a putty-like material made of plastic and fine glass particles. This material is sculpted and shaped to reconstruct the tooth with a perfect appearance for the smile. This material also looks like natural tooth enamel, which appears more aesthetically pleasing than silver amalgam fillings. This material also adheres better to the tooth structure, which helps keep the restoration secure over time.

Filling Cavities with Composite Resin in Paxton MA Area

What is the process of replacing mercury fillings?

Many patients considering replacing the silver amalgam fillings often ask Dr. Siemen and his team what they can expect during their procedure. First, a consultation appointment lets us talk to the patient about their desires and determine if composite resin filling replacement is the best choice for their needs. Then, we will use local anesthetics during the actual procedure to ensure the patient is comfortable throughout. Once this is done, we will carefully replace the old metal filling with a composite resin filling. We may need to shape or contour the tooth to get a perfect result. Afterward, our team can review post-op instructions on how to care for the newly placed filling.

How long do composite resin fillings last?

Filling a cavity with composite resin is a smart choice and will often last several years with proper care. We recommend visiting the dentist regularly for evaluations to monitor the integrity of the filling and other dental restorations you may have in place.

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Why choose Paxton Dental Care?

Dr. Siemen takes great pride in offering quality dental care for his patients and understanding their needs for optimal oral health care. He believes composite resin fillings are far superior to silver amalgam filling materials and strives to provide the best treatment option.

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