Will Whitening Harm Your Teeth?

Repeated use of whitening strips might sound dangerous to your teeth, but, according to dental professionals, there is no harm to using whitening strips over time.

Dr. Denis Kinane, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine said in a New York Times article that, “There is no indication that frequent, long-term use of teeth whitening strips cause damage.” This means that you don’t need to fear your whitening strips anymore.

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While some patients experience sensitivity to whitening due to sensitive teeth or issues with thinning enamel, most patients are fine using whitening strips for long-term periods. In fact, according to Dr. Kinane, it is worse for your teeth to try and remove stains via over brushing and aggressively brushing than it is to use a whitener.

The only concern that whitening patients should have is to use whitening in moderation. While white teeth look nicer than coffee stained teeth, super white teeth are not natural. Getting addicted to whitening may not be dangerous, but it can be costly and often times are unneeded since teeth have already reached their optimal shade.

Talk to your dentist about what whitening methods are right for you. Feel free to ask questions about the frequency of your whitening routine and the type of whitening that you use.


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