The Myth About Teething That Must Be Dispelled

When your bundle of joy starts to teeth, it can mean some serious sensitivity, pain, and grumpiness, but there are some things that have been associated with teething that are incorrect.

Teething Causes Diarrhea

MYTH! This myth is believed by many parents because they think that the excess saliva is somehow affecting the gastrointestinal tract. Research has shown, however, that there is no connection between increased saliva flow and diarrhea.

Teething myths graphic

Why the diarrhea might actually occur is because of an exposure to new bacteria. Teething babies will put anything in their mouths to help ease the pain, and by doing this they open themselves up to a slew of new germs.

The truth is, that teething and diarrhea are not linked. So, if your little one has diarrhea, don’t write it off to their teething. Instead go to the doctor and get them checked out. Excessive diarrhea could signal a different problem.

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