If You Are Seeking Whiter Teeth, Look into A Professional Option and Leave the Competitors on the Shelf

Teeth whitening treatments are an incredibly popular option among dental patients in the Paxton, Massachusetts area. Patients of Dr. Scott Siemen love how they walk out with a smile that is that perfect shade of white. The team at Paxton Dental Care takes great pride in the effectiveness of the teeth whitening treatments offered and have recently purchased the Epic X laser that stands out from other practices giving you that brighter smile. 

Using trays that are custom-fit to patients, the treatment has never been easier. Simply wear the trays provided either overnight or twice a day for a set amount of time, and you will have the white teeth you have been longing for.

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What makes the whitening trays offered by Dr. Siemen any different than those you can already buy over the counter?

Custom Fit

When you buy an over-the-counter teeth whitening solution, it will often come with a mouth tray and some form of whitening gel. You will need to boil the mouth tray and then bite down into it so that it forms to your teeth. The problem with this is that it still does not provide the best fit. Whitening trays which are not properly fit can be uncomfortable and, if you are planning to wear them while sleeping, it can make sleep difficult, or the trays could even fall out of your mouth due to the improper fit.

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Individuals who choose an over-the-counter whitening option over a professional treatment will miss out on something often overlooked in the decision-making process: guidance. The guidance your dentist will provide you about using your professional whitening treatment can prove invaluable. Your dentist will know the exact concentration of your bleaching solution and how much you need to use. With an over-the-counter option, even if you ask your dentist, they may not be able to give you precise guidance as the whitening treatments can vary from treatment to treatment. Proper use of the bleaching solution is critical. If you use too much, it could cause tooth sensitivity or other problems, while not using enough will not provide you the results you want.

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