Straighten and Enhance Your Smile With Dental Veneers!

We have not all been blessed with a smile full of perfectly straight and beautiful teeth. There was a time where correcting various issues with your smile would cost you a small fortune. Modern dental technology has made cosmetic dentistry much more affordable for everyone, and no procedure has seen more popularity than porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are a great choice if you are looking to improve the appearance of teeth which are discolored, have minor damage, or are not perfectly straight. Patients seeking an improved smile in Paxton, Massachusetts visit Dr. Siemen at Paxton Dental Care.

When you visit Dr. Siemen for a consultation, he will perform an examination of your teeth to determine if veneers are a suitable option for you. If you have underlying dental health issues such as tooth decay or gum disease, these problems will need to be addressed before you are ready to receive veneers.

Teeth Veneers at Paxton Dental Care in Paxton MA Area

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are very thin porcelain shells which are placed on the front (non-chewing) surface of a tooth to conceal a number of issues including discoloration, chips and/or cracks, gaps, and dark areas around the tooth. How many veneers you need is completely up to you. They can be used for both the top and bottom teeth and can be applied to just a single tooth or to as many as you feel necessary.

Your veneer will be bonded to the front surface of your tooth after minimal tooth preparation, including removing a very small layer of tooth enamel. Preparation is painless and quick. Once the veneers have been custom created for you, your tooth will undergo this preparation and the veneer will be bonded to the tooth. You will walk away with a smile that is beautiful and reinvigorated.


Lumineers at Paxton Dental Care in Paxton MA Area

One type of veneer is Lumineers. Not everybody is a suitable candidate for Lumineers, which share many similarities with veneers, so you will want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Siemen so he can determine if this solution is suitable for you.


As with any dental treatment, porcelain veneers are not going to be the best option for everybody. Dr. Siemen offers several alternatives that are all aimed at improving your smile. Some of these options include porcelain crowns, dental bonding, dental implants, and CandidPro Clear Aligners. Each of these treatments is unique, but all are aimed at improving the look and functionality of your smile. Every person is different, and so you expect the same for smiles. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Siemen to find out what will work best for you.

Dr.Dr. Siemen would love to see you so that he can work with you in determining which treatment path is best for you. He wants to provide you with options you are comfortable with, so please schedule an appointment with his office in Paxton, Massachusetts today by calling (508) 557-2400.

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