Staff Spotlight: Elise Barry

Elise Barry has been at Paxton Dental Care for seven years. She first became interested in dentistry because her mother and grandmother were dental assistants and dental practice coordinators. When she was younger she would help her mom at work and quickly developed a passion for the patient relationships and the science behind dentistry.

Her favorite thing about her job is getting to build new relationships and really getting to know our patients. Growing up she always loved science and animals so initially she wanted to be a veterinarian. But, now she loves dentistry and thinks that it is important for patients to know that dental care is linked to your overall health. There are direct links between oral care and pregnancy complications as well as heart health, so remember it’s not just a cleaning it is an overall well-being check.

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Three Fun Facts About Elise:

  1. She is from Rutland and is married with two kids, Steven Jr., 4, and Atalie,
  2. She can drive a standard.
  3. She enjoys riding ATVs.

Her Quick Dental Tip:

If you have a sweet tooth then try eating chocolate or a Xylitol based candy because they have properties to help prevent tooth decay and are better for oral health!!

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