Risks associated with not replacing missing teeth with implants

When you experience tooth loss, the first thought you might have about the long-term effect will likely be concerning your smile’s appearance. However, what you may not realize is that missing teeth can create more than cosmetic issues in the future. In fact, losing one or more teeth can create a situation where you are susceptible to a wide range of dental health issues. The longer you wait to replace these teeth, the more likely you will experience these dental health problems. At Paxton Dental Care in Paxton, Massachusetts, Dr. Scott Siemen provides a range of tooth replacement options, including dental implants, and can discuss the risks of you not replacing your teeth.

As mentioned, when you neglect to replace missing teeth, you open yourself up to possible dental health issues in the future. Tooth replacement options, including dental implants and dentures, can help you avoid these issues. Here are some of the risks you run into when you do not replace missing teeth.

Replacing Crooked Teeth With Implants in Paxton MA Area

Increased chance of infection

Gum disease is a very common catalyst for tooth loss. When gum disease is allowed to progress, it can cause gum tissue to deteriorate and your teeth to become loose and, eventually, fall out. When you have missing teeth, the chances of gum disease actually increase. Empty dental sockets are great breeding grounds for bacteria to grow in. Once bacteria and plaque are present in the socket, regular brushing may not easily reach and clean those areas, allowing the bacteria to continue thriving. Dental sockets also provide possible entry points for bacteria to enter your bloodstream.

Shifting of teeth

Your teeth depend on each other. Each tooth depends on the support it receives from adjacent teeth to stay in place within the soft gum tissue. When you have gaps in your smile created from missing teeth, adjacent teeth on either side of this gap can begin to shift inward. This can lead to crooked teeth and additional gaps in your smile.

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Jawbone deterioration

Your teeth play an important role in the health of your jawbone. The roots of your teeth extend down into the jawbone, providing stimulation — this causes your body to constantly repair damaged cells. Without this stimulation, your body will begin to reabsorb parts of your gums and jawbone over time, leading to changes in the structure of your face.

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