Metal Free Fillings, A Better Option for Your Teeth

Cavities aren’t to be taken lightly, as they can cause extensive damage to your teeth. By dealing with decay quickly, you can protect your grin from more serious problems in the future. At Paxton Dental Care in Paxton, Massachusetts, we treat decay with composite resin metal-free fillings to give optimal protection for your teeth. Dr. Scott Siemen and our team answer questions you may have about tooth-colored restorations to help you decide if they’re the best cavity treatment for you.

What is a composite resin filling?

Composite fillings are dental restorations composed of plastic resin material and powdered glass, with no metal or mercury added. The filling is 100% biocompatible with your teeth, posing no risk to your gum tissue. These fillings have been used for years to treat cavities, but they also serve as dental bonding for cosmetic procedures.

Metal Free Fillings in Paxton MA Area

Are metal-free dental fillings better for your teeth?

Composite restorations are more conducive for people with metal allergies or concerned about the mercury content in amalgam fillings. These metal free fillings won’t corrode and discolor your teeth over the years. They also require less drilling for placement, which preserves more of your tooth’s structure when having a cavity filled.

What can composite fillings be used for?

Treating decay is one of the primary uses of composite fillings. Dr. Siemen may also use the filling to repair a chipped or cracked tooth, bolster a broken tooth, or fill a tooth gap to make your smile more aesthetically appealing.  

What are the advantages of treating decay with composite fillings?

The resin mixture bonds well with your teeth, forming a tight seal against decay and future infection. Composite fillings don’t require as much drilling as amalgam fillings, so less structure is removed. Your tooth will be stronger as more of its structure stays intact. Most people appreciate the fact that composite fillings are discreet. The resin mixture can be matched to the color of your natural teeth, making the filling invisible when you smile. You won’t be flashing metal every time you open your mouth.

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How are composite fillings placed?

Composite fillings are applied in layers and molded to conform to your tooth’s shape to look as natural as possible. Each layer is cured with a UV light to harden it in place. When we’re through, we’ll make any necessary adjustments and polish your tooth to leave it looking shiny and new. The entire process may take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size and location of your filling.

How long do composite fillings last?

By watching your diet and taking good care of your teeth, a composite filling can last up to 10 years before needing an upgrade. Avoiding hard and sticky foods will protect your filling for long-lasting use.

Who offers composite metal-free fillings near me?

For quality composite tooth-colored restorations for cavity treatment, contact Dr. Scott Siemen from Paxton Dental Care in Paxton, MA, at (508) 557-2400.

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