Elise Barry, CDA

Practice Coordinator/Dental Assistant

For Elise Barry, every day is a chance to change people’s thoughts and mindset about dentistry. She treats each day as a new chance to reduce fear, create comfort, and establish strong relationships with patients. Being a healthcare provider and a mother of two, she has the compassion needed to assist and guide patients, ensuring that they receive an ideal experience.

Elise started in this field eight years ago. She then decided to hone her skills by getting her dental assisting certification. Now, as the practice coordinator she is able to take her years of experience and use it to help patients feel good about dentistry. Elise looks forward to coming into work everyday. The challenge of changing lives for the better keeps her going.

Outside of dentistry, Elise enjoys music (and is a saxophone player), spending time with animals, being outdoors, and hockey. She is from Rutland, and lives with her husband Steve, their two children, and their dog.