Invisalign® straightens teeth discreetly in Paxton, MA

Have you always wanted to straighten your teeth but dread the thought of wearing metal braces for years? If so, Invisalign® clear teeth straighteners may be just right for you! These invisible teeth aligners straighten your teeth discreetly by gradually moving your teeth into their ideal position. At Paxton Dental Care, Dr. Scott Siemen loves helping patients in the Paxton and Worcester, MA area achieve the beautiful, straight smiles they deserve with Invisalign.

Benefits of Invisalign

More and more patients are choosing Invisalign to straighten their teeth or adjust their bite because of its many benefits. Invisalign is:

  • Comfortable – rather than dealing with metal brackets and wires, Invisalign treatment simply consists of BPA-free plastic aligners that fit snugly over your teeth for a comfortable fit
  • Removable – with fully removable aligners, you are free to eat what you want with no restrictions
  • Effective – patients achieve the smile of their dreams in an average of 12 months
  • Versatile – Invisalign can be used for more than just straightening teeth; for example, many patients choose Invisalign for gaps in their teeth, mild crowding issues, or can even use Invisalign for overbite, underbite, or other bite problems

The Invisalign process

Your journey to straight teeth starts with your personalized Invisalign consultation. Dr. Scott Siemen will talk with you about what you’d like to change about your smile and will evaluate your teeth and bite to ensure that Invisalign is the best choice for your oral health needs and desired results. Using digital impressions of your teeth, he can then show you what your results would look like – before you even begin treatment! The impressions are then used by the Invisalign laboratory to create your customized set of clear aligners. You wear each set for two weeks, and then switch to the next set in the series, as each set gradually shifts your teeth and bite into their ideal positions. With regular quick and painless check-ups, Dr. Siemen monitors your progress and corrects your plan as needed.

Stop hiding your smile and call Paxton Dental Care at (508) 557-2400 to schedule your Invisalign consultation today!

Dr. Scott Siemen, DMD

Dr. Scott Siemen

A graduate from Worcester State College and Tufts University, Dr. Scott Siemen is a well renowned and skilled professional in the field of dentistry. He is a firm believer in developing and maintaining good relationships with his clients by being honest and providing the best possible dental care.

With over 25 plus years of experience in the field, Dr. Siemen established the Paxton Dental Care center with the vision of creating a relaxing and dental anxiety-free environment for his patients. His areas of specialty include porcelain veneers and cosmetic bonding, bite problems, advanced tooth wear, one-visit CEREC crowns, and sedation dentistry.

He is presently a member of the Massachusetts Dental Society and the American Dental Association.



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