Why Dental Patients Are Loving CEREC Same-Day Crowns

The field of dentistry is constantly evolving. Treatments are developed which allow dentists to provide better treatment to patients. Others are developed to make treatments more convenient for patients. One such innovation of convenience which has occurred in recent years is the development of CEREC technology. CEREC technology makes same-day dental crowns possible. CEREC crowns have become incredibly popular in the Paxton, Massachusetts area, where they are offered by Dr. Scott Siemen and his team at Paxton Dental Care. Here are some reasons why CEREC same-day crowns are becoming so popular with Dr. Siemen’s patients.

What Makes CEREC crowns different?

The immediate difference with a CEREC crown is that you will be able to walk out wearing your new crown in just a single visit. No impressions need to be sent out to a lab resulting in a second appointment and a temporary crown. Other than this, there is a difference in the process you will undergo to get your crown. For traditional crowns, you would need to take physical impressions of your teeth using a mold. With CEREC crowns, no putty is necessary! A laser scanner will be used to make a three-dimensional model of your teeth, which is fed into an on-site computer system where your dentist will be able to look at the tooth requiring the crown and how the crown will interact with adjacent teeth. Adjustments can be quickly made. Shade, shape, etc., is set, and the crown is created. This beats the drawn-out process of traditional crowns by a mile.

CEREC One-Visit Crowns in Paxton MA Area
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When it comes to same-day crowns, you will not need to pay a heftier price tag just for the convenience. Both traditional and CEREC same-day crowns will cost roughly the same. In many cases, patients needing a CEREC crown are getting a single crown, while those seeking traditional crowns could be seeking multiple crowns, leading to a higher price tag.

If you are in Paxton, Massachusetts, please call Dr. Scott Siemen at Paxton Dental Care today to schedule an appointment at (508) 557-2400. The convenience of CEREC crowns is unparalleled, and they are just as strong, durable, and affordable as traditional crowns.

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