May 12th, 2015

Social Anxiety & Dental Health

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An Unexpected Way Social Anxiety May Impact Your Dental Health

When people think of social anxiety they normally think of the mental implications of the condition. In addition to the mental implications, however, there are also implications on dental health.

A study has found that tooth grinding, also known as bruxism, has been found in 42% of the study participants that had social anxiety, compared to the 28% in those that did not.
Bruxism is a serious condition that not only wears down the tooth but might also aggravate TMJ and jaw pain. If a socially anxious person is confronted with social situations all day without being treated for the anxiety they could suffer from serious damage to teeth.

Beyond the bruxism there is also the issue of the dry mouth that comes from anxiety. Good salivary flow in the mouth is important in preventing cavities by maintaining a good pH in the mouth and remineralizing the tooth enamel.

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