Sep 21st, 2015

How an Oral Abscess Can Affect You

Posted by: Paxton Dental Care Categories: Dental Tips


An infection in your mouth is never fun, especially when it leads to an abscess. Often times an infection between the tooth and the gum, known as a periodontal abscess can happen after food gets trapped between the gum and the tooth.

Having an abscess is extremely painful and needs to be treated right away. Call your dentist immediately if you think that you have an abscess. If the abscess goes untreated then it can become a cyst in the jawbone. If a root canal or tooth extraction does not remove the cyst, then surgery may be needed.

Your dentist will remove the abscess and clean the area thoroughly. After it has been cleaned, they will allow the trapped pus to escape and treat the infection with antibiotics. Many different treatment plans may be followed depending upon the type of infection and where it is within the tooth.

The best way to avoid an abscess is to maintain a good oral health routine that involves brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits. It is easy to develop issues if you neglect your teeth. Ask your dentist if you are experiencing pain and they can help create a treatment plan for you.