Jun 11th, 2019

Missing Teeth & Cardiovascular Health

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If you’ve been visiting the dentist since you were a child, then you’re well aware that oral health is pretty important; but recent studies have been linking good hygiene to more than just nice teeth. A study done by the University of Helsinki found an association between tooth loss and cardiovascular events, diabetes, and even death.

The study, which encompassed 8,446 subjects, ages 25-75, produced two major finds:

  • “More than five missing teeth increased the risk for coronary heart disease events and myocardial infarctions as much as 140 %.”
  • “More than nine missing teeth indicated an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases (51%), diabetes (31%) and death (37%).”
  • The take-away? Tooth loss and cardiovascular health can go hand-in-hand. In addition to this link, tooth loss is most commonly caused by periodontitis (gum disease). When the gum recedes, the tooth becomes loose and can fall out.

    It turns out that taking care of your oral health could help keep your overall health in check. Haven’t had your second checkup this year? Schedule a visit with our office today!