Why Dental Patients Are Loving CEREC Same-Day Crowns

CEREC One-Visit Crowns in Paxton MA Area

The field of dentistry is constantly evolving. Treatments are developed which allow dentists to provide better treatment to patients. Others are developed to make treatments more convenient for patients. One such innovation of convenience which has occurred in recent years is the development of CEREC technology. CEREC technology makes same-day dental crowns possible. CEREC crowns have become incredibly popular in the Paxton, Massachusetts area, where they are offered by Dr. Scott Siemen and his team at Paxton Dental Care. Here are some reasons why CEREC same-day crowns are becoming so popular with Dr. Siemen’s patients. What Makes CEREC crowns different? … Continue reading

The Danger of Not Seeing Your Dentist Twice a Year for Teeth Cleanings and Examination

Professional Teeth Cleaning in Paxton MA Area

While you may think that a well-maintained dental hygiene regimen from home is enough to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth in premier shape, it simply is not true. Going in to see your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and examination will help ensure that pesky plaque buildup does not occur, any emerging dental issues are identified, and the health of your entire mouth stays in great shape. Patients in the Paxton, Massachusetts, area see Dr. Scott Siemen and the friendly team at Paxton Dental Care. Dr. Siemen and his team will ensure you walk away with clean … Continue reading

If You Are Seeking Whiter Teeth, Look into A Professional Option and Leave the Competitors on the Shelf

Teeth Whitening Service Near Worcester Area

Teeth whitening treatments are an incredibly popular option among dental patients in the Paxton, Massachusetts area. Patients of Dr. Scott Siemen love how they walk out with a smile that is that perfect shade of white. The team at Paxton Dental Care takes great pride in the effectiveness of the teeth whitening treatments offered and have recently purchased the Epic X laser that stands out from other practices giving you that brighter smile.  Using trays that are custom-fit to patients, the treatment has never been easier. Simply wear the trays provided either overnight or twice a day for a set … Continue reading

Risks associated with not replacing missing teeth with implants

Replacing Crooked Teeth With Implants in Paxton MA Area

When you experience tooth loss, the first thought you might have about the long-term effect will likely be concerning your smile’s appearance. However, what you may not realize is that missing teeth can create more than cosmetic issues in the future. In fact, losing one or more teeth can create a situation where you are susceptible to a wide range of dental health issues. The longer you wait to replace these teeth, the more likely you will experience these dental health problems. At Paxton Dental Care in Paxton, Massachusetts, Dr. Scott Siemen provides a range of tooth replacement options, including … Continue reading

Implant-supported dentures for replacing missing teeth

Implant-Supported Dentures in Paxton MA Area

There are many reasons to replace missing teeth. Not only will it improve the look of your smile, but it can prevent future dental issues which may occur due to lost teeth. Currently, the two most popular options for replacing missing teeth are dental implants and dentures. Implant-supported dentures are a combination of the two and are becoming more popular due to the benefits they offer, which traditional dentures do not. Individuals in the Paxton, Massachusetts area visit Dr. Scott Siemen at Paxton Dental Care when they want to learn more about how implant-supported dentures work. Why you should replace … Continue reading

Porcelain Veneers for concealing crooked teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers in Paxton MA Area

Are you seeking a cosmetic dental solution for crooked teeth that offers incredible versatility? Porcelain veneers have become increasingly popular due to their ability to correct a wide range of cosmetic dental issues. In fact, their ability to restore a smile’s appearance is one of several reasons why many individuals in the Paxton, Massachusetts area visit Dr. Scott Siemen at Paxton Dental Care.  Veneers are very thin porcelain shells that adhere directly to the tooth’s surface and are used to camouflage a number of dental issues, including slightly crooked teeth. It is important to note that veneers will not fix … Continue reading

Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist Warns Against the Shortcomings of Over The Counter Competitors

Professional Teeth Whitening in Paxton MA Area

We all strive for a perfect smile. Teeth that are straight and aligned, though, may not be enough. Over time our teeth can yellow for several reasons. This is true even for those who follow a strict and properly maintained oral hygiene regimen. Sometimes our teeth just need that “pick me up.” Patients looking for white teeth in the Paxton, Massachusetts, area trust Dr. Scott Siemen and the team at Paxton Dental Care. No matter the reason for you wanting whiter teeth, Dr. Siemen provides teeth whitening treatments that result in radiantly white teeth. Quick and professional Results When you … Continue reading

No Need For Braces or Aligners – For A Beautiful Smile, Straighten Your Teeth With Veneers in Paxton, MA

Veneers for Crooked Tooth in Paxton MA Area

We can all spot an attractive smile when we see one. Our eyes are instinctively drawn to smiles that are full of perfectly straight, aligned, and spaced teeth. If you are seeking to revamp your smile, porcelain Veneers are a great way to correct these and other dental imperfections so you can have that perfect smile you are dreaming of. Veneers are also great for concealing teeth which have become discolored or that are chipped or cracked. Patients in Paxton, Massachusetts visit Dr. Scott Siemen, at Paxton Dental Care for veneers that will restore the lovely smile they once had. … Continue reading

Discover the benefits of dental implants for missing teeth in Paxton, MA

Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in Paxton, MA Area

If you are looking for dental implants near me, check out Paxton Dental Care. Located in Paxton, MA, our team offers implants for missing teeth. Dental restorations help strengthen and restore a smile marred by missing teeth giving you a beautiful, healthy smile. Tooth structure Although maintaining the natural teeth is the goal, trauma, illness, and poor hygiene can lead to tooth loss. Losing a tooth disrupts the balance of your oral cavity. The teeth may shift, the bone may start to deteriorate, and your smile is affected. Your teeth have crowns and roots. The crowns are visible and are … Continue reading

Straighten and Enhance Your Smile With Dental Veneers!

Teeth Veneers at Paxton Dental Care in Paxton MA Area

We have not all been blessed with a smile full of perfectly straight and beautiful teeth. There was a time where correcting various issues with your smile would cost you a small fortune. Modern dental technology has made cosmetic dentistry much more affordable for everyone, and no procedure has seen more popularity than porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are a great choice if you are looking to improve the appearance of teeth which are discolored, have minor damage, or are not perfectly straight. Patients seeking an improved smile in Paxton, Massachusetts visit Dr. Siemen at Paxton Dental Care. When you visit … Continue reading

Paxton Dental Care now offers Epic X Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment