Staff Spotlight: Lindsey Powers

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Lindsey is a Registered Dental Hygienist with a passion for oral health. She went into dentistry because, she wanted to help others, “I went into dentistry because I wanted to take care of people and make a difference in people’s lives,” Lindsey said. While Lindsey has always been keen on helping others, she also has a knack for science and the human body that uncovered her passion for dentistry. But, even as a child she knew that she wanted to be a dental hygienist. Her favorite part of her job is seeing patients come so far with their dental health. … Continue reading

The Myth About Teething That Must Be Dispelled

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When your bundle of joy starts to teeth, it can mean some serious sensitivity, pain, and grumpiness, but there are some things that have been associated with teething that are incorrect. Teething Causes Diarrhea MYTH! This myth is believed by many parents because they think that the excess saliva is somehow affecting the gastrointestinal tract. Research has shown, however, that there is no connection between increased saliva flow and diarrhea. Why the diarrhea might actually occur is because of an exposure to new bacteria. Teething babies will put anything in their mouths to help ease the pain, and by doing … Continue reading

What You Should Know About Breastfeeding and Oral Health

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In honor of August being National Breastfeeding Month, we wanted to share the link between breastfeeding and oral health. During pregnancy many women experience changes in their teeth and gums. Increased teeth sensitivity as well as bleeding and swelling gums is common in pregnant women. While these symptoms are painful, teeth and gums go back to normal after the baby is born. After the child is born, breastfeeding has an oral health benefit for the child. A study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that children who breastfeed are more likely to have properly aligned teeth. Similar … Continue reading

Everything You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

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Have you ever thought about whitening your teeth? Teeth whitening products are currently in high demand; this is because people see their smile as one of their most important features. It impacts their social life, dating life, and could even affect how they are perceived at work. So, if you have been thinking of brightening up your pearly whites, here is what you need to know. There are a few different methods involved in teeth whitening. Here are two different procedures that you might try. Method 1: Bleaching procedures Whether you use an at-home kit or go to the dentist, … Continue reading

What Steph Curry Can Teach Us About Mouthguards

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It is no surprise that most high school and middle school sports teams require mouthguards. Mouthguards help to protect teeth and that protection is key when a soccer ball is being kicked at your face, or when an elbow is thrown on the basketball court while grappling for a rebound. It makes a lot of sense that mouthguards are often required gear for athletes. Golden State Warriors, leading scorer, Steph Curry is pretty fond of wearing his mouthguard. While it is not required in the NBA to wear a mouthguard, you won’t catch Curry on the court without one. Often … Continue reading

Waterpik Water Flosser

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Have you ever flossed before? Hopefully the answer to that question is yes. But, have you ever flossed with a Waterpik® Water Flosser? The answer to that question is probably no. Take a look at the Waterpik® Water Flosser, this is a new development in flossing that is more effective and is recommended by Paxton Dental Care. A Waterpik® Water Flosser uses the force of water to get in between teeth and clean your gums. Instead of ripping off a piece of floss and awkwardly stuffing your hands into your mouth at a strange angle to floss, try a Waterpik® … Continue reading

What Sports Drinks Are Doing To Your Teeth

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While many people drink sports drinks, thinking that it will improve their athletic prowess, it is actually hurting their oral health. Sports drinks are packed with acid. Repeatedly exposing your teeth to the acid in sports drinks will eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Energy drinks are even worse on your teeth. A 2012 study found that after just five days of repeated exposure to sports drinks, the damage to enamel was very evident. The authors of the study found that energy drinks caused twice as much damage to the enamel as sports drinks did. It is reported … Continue reading

The Sore Without a Cause: What is a Canker Sore?

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If you’ve found a sore inside of your mouth, don’t mistake it for a contagious cold sore. Canker sores come and go on their own, and don’t spread to other parts of your body or to other people. You don’t have to necessarily start taking any medications, but you may need to change something in your diet. A canker sore is basically an ulcer in the mouth, and can be unusually painful or barely visible. They can appear when certain medical conditions such as swollen lymph nodes occur, or when you eat acidic or spicy foods. Wearers of braces and … Continue reading

Teeth & Headaches

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Are Your Teeth Responsible for That Headache? Swallowing doesn’t seem like strenuous exercise, but consider the fact that people do it on average 2000 times a day and suddenly it starts adding up. Most people can handle this rigorous exercise routine, but people with missing teeth or poor tooth alignment have to put a little bit more effort into swallowing, resulting in headaches and jaw pain from strained muscles. The resulting pain can manifest itself in the eyes, ears, sinuses, cheeks, or the sides of the head. Obviously not all facial pain is a result of missing or misaligned teeth. … Continue reading

Music and Dental Health

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The Oral Health Dangers of Brass and Woodwind Playing a musical instrument is a great hobby and skill for a child to have. This hobby is not as harmless as it may seem, however. Researchers have found a variety of bacteria, molds and yeasts on various locations and chambers of woodwind and brass instruments.These bacteria and molds can cause infections around the mouth and contribute to the development of asthma. Some of the bacteria the researches found were even resistant to many of the antibiotics available to general practitioners. This makes it extremely important to safely disinfect the instruments after … Continue reading

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