What Sports Drinks Are Doing To Your Teeth

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While many people drink sports drinks, thinking that it will improve their athletic prowess, it is actually hurting their oral health. Sports drinks are packed with acid. Repeatedly exposing your teeth to the acid in sports drinks will eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Energy drinks are even worse on your teeth. A 2012 study found that after just five days of repeated exposure to sports drinks, the damage to enamel was very evident. The authors of the study found that energy drinks caused twice as much damage to the enamel as sports drinks did. It is reported … Continue reading

The Sore Without a Cause: What is a Canker Sore?

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If you’ve found a sore inside of your mouth, don’t mistake it for a contagious cold sore. Canker sores come and go on their own, and don’t spread to other parts of your body or to other people. You don’t have to necessarily start taking any medications, but you may need to change something in your diet. A canker sore is basically an ulcer in the mouth, and can be unusually painful or barely visible. They can appear when certain medical conditions such as swollen lymph nodes occur, or when you eat acidic or spicy foods. Wearers of braces and … Continue reading

Teeth & Headaches

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Are Your Teeth Responsible for That Headache? Swallowing doesn’t seem like strenuous exercise, but consider the fact that people do it on average 2000 times a day and suddenly it starts adding up. Most people can handle this rigorous exercise routine, but people with missing teeth or poor tooth alignment have to put a little bit more effort into swallowing, resulting in headaches and jaw pain from strained muscles. The resulting pain can manifest itself in the eyes, ears, sinuses, cheeks, or the sides of the head. Obviously not all facial pain is a result of missing or misaligned teeth. … Continue reading

Music and Dental Health

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The Oral Health Dangers of Brass and Woodwind Playing a musical instrument is a great hobby and skill for a child to have. This hobby is not as harmless as it may seem, however. Researchers have found a variety of bacteria, molds and yeasts on various locations and chambers of woodwind and brass instruments.These bacteria and molds can cause infections around the mouth and contribute to the development of asthma. Some of the bacteria the researches found were even resistant to many of the antibiotics available to general practitioners. This makes it extremely important to safely disinfect the instruments after … Continue reading

Going Sugarless– The Right Way

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You may be considering cutting back on sugar intake and replacing the sugar with artificial sweeteners in order to cut the number of calories you take in. But even when you want to cut back on sugar there are certain things to watch out for. Sugarless isn’t always so- A product may claim to be ‘sugarless’ or ‘no sugar added’ but that doesn’t mean that there is no sugar, it just means they didn’t add any refined sugar to it during processing. Have a look at the nutrition information to see how many carbs are in the food to get … Continue reading

Sonic Toothbrushes: Are They More Effective?

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Can sonic toothbrushes make brushing easier and more effective? Independent research from Fort Collins, Colorado evaluated sonic toothbrushes and their ability to remove plaque without direct bristle contact. Plaque that, in the past, has been unreachable or missed through traditional brushing can be removed with sonic toothbrushes.“The Swiss research builds on past clinical research that has shown Waterpik Sensonic is up to 29% more effective than Sonicare for plaque removal. The bristle velocity for the Waterpik Sensonic is 2.2 meters per second, compared to 1.3 meters per second for Sonicare Flexcare.” It is said today that this waterpik is the … Continue reading

Smile Like A Celebrity

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Want to smile like a celebrity? Here’s how easy it can be! In today’s society, first impressions are everything. People are said to form judgments within milliseconds of meeting new faces! From clothing choices to our pearly whites, every aspect of our appearance helps strangers form opinions of us instantaneously. It’s not surprise that our smiles are incredibly important in portraying a favorable image. Teeth can play an important part in increasing our self-esteem if they are celebrity-like: pearly white, and perfect at every angle. Well, luckily, unlike wearing million-dollar Oscar outfits, the ability to smile like a celebrity is … Continue reading

Bright White Smiles

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There’s no doubt that the past decade has seen a greater emphasis on brighter, whiter smiles. In the realm of teeth whitening, there are in-office treatments, at-home treatments, toothpastes, mouthwashes and even gum brands claiming to help whiten teeth, but what’s the best treatment for you? In-office procedures: A common in-office whitening procedure involves custom-made trays that fit the shape of your teeth. The trays are filled with a bleaching solution and are placed on your teeth. Once the trays are created, this procedure can be taken home to complete. To speed up the process at the office, a light … Continue reading

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