core values

We believe there is a greater purpose to what we do with our daily lives.  Day by day, our thoughts, our choices and our actions have an impact on the world.  Dentistry is much more than treating teeth.  It is a powerful and transcending experience for our patients and for us.  Each day we come to work with the commitment to make our patients’ lives a little better – whether it’s through a healthier smile, easing a patient’s anxiety or improving their self-image.  At the end of each day, knowing that our work has brought joy to even one life is to have succeeded.

our purpose

Each day we strive to give our patients an environment that feels like a haven, far from the demands of everyday life.  We appreciate how, for many, the prospect of dental work can be stressful. That’s why, as a team, we work hard to change that anxiety into a positive experience. We take the time, not just to hear, but also to listen and understand each person’s unique desires and circumstances.

our approach

Each staff member is specially selected for their skill, compassion and understanding of the human experience. We take pride in an unhurried approach with our patients. Your questions are answered. Your treatment options are explored and explained. Your fears are addressed. And you will never be pressured to make a decision.  The relationship we build with each patient, connecting on many levels, ensures a successful outcome.  Together, we make choices that give each patient a healthier life, a more beautiful smile, and deeper confidence in themselves.

Our patients’ success becomes our success.

mission statement

We strive for honesty, in thought and action, always. Each of us shares a deep love for what we do, and recognize our responsibility to perform at the highest level – because our work serves a greater purpose:  It serves to make our patients’ lives better.